Globalization and…

I. Environment (climate change, alternative energies, e-waste, e- mobility…)

The Environment . Learn English (video)

Impact of globalization on the environment (Video)

Globalization may actually be better for the environment

Globalization and its impact on the environment


II. Migration (refugees, statistics, regulations, politics …)

What is migration : A short film

EU leaders address migration at summit following UNHCR refugee report (Video)

Effects of Globalization on Migration

Migration and Globalization – Forms, Patterns and Effects


III. Culture (Americanization/Westernization/McDonaldization, national cultures, loss of identity…)

Globalization and culture (Video)

How Globalization effects our cultural identity (Video)

Is Globalization Creating A Single World Culture?

What is Cultural Globalization?


IV. Wealth (widening gap between rich and poor, who gains? who suffers?…)

Globalization and Trade and Poverty: Crash Course Economics (Video)

Who Really Wins From Globalization? (Video)

Globalization and Inequality: Sharing Wealth One of Society’s Greatest Challenges

Do Globalization and World Trade fuel Inequality?


V. Terrorism (reasons, how to fight it?…)

Globalization and Terrorism (Video)

Globalisation and terrorism (Video)

Terrorism and Globalization (Video)

How terrorists can exploit globalization


VI. Politics (influence on economy, US and China, lobbyism, populism…)

The Link Between Globalization and Political Instability (Video)

What is political globalization? (Video)

Globalization and National Politics

Political consequences of globalization



How does the UN work? (Video)

UN and political globalization (Video)

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